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Amped Up pledges to its patron to always follow these codes of conduct:

We do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, disability, or any other basis under federal and local law. This applies to theatre admittance, venue rental, employment, advertising, and all other business functions. We do reserve the right to deny entry based on the goals and purpose of our theatre. Meaning we are a family establishment and can limit access to the theatre based on reasonable appropriateness.

Surveillance Camera Usage
For the safety and security of our guests and our theatre, surveillance cameras are in use throughout the facility. Video footage from these systems is only used in situations involving legal matters.

Video Footage Consent
At selected times during theatre performances, professional video footage may be obtained for the purposes of advertising and promotions. We will notify guests when this occurs, and no other consent will need to be obtained to use this footage.

Information Collection and Use
The Amped Up Family Amphitheatre, LLC does not collect any information regarding I.P. addresses or user preferences & on-line habits (cookies). The personally identifiable information that we do collect is only used for the expressed purposes within each page (Contact responses and e-mail list inclusion). We do not share this information with anyone else. You may opt out of our e-mail list at any time by visiting www.2ampedup/amped_army_removal.html.

Our patrons' responsibilities which promote safety, fun, and learning:

Code of Conduct
We are a family establishment and reserve the right to remove individuals from our theatre for abusive or foul language, inappropriate clothing, physical altercations, or any other reasonable cause.

Outside Food & Beverages
Unfortunately we do not allow outside food or beverages in the theatre (Other than BYOB at selected events). We offer a large variety of affordable concession items and additional foods for special occasions. Certain rentals and group events can bypass this restriction by paying a surcharge which allows outside food items within the theatre.

Supervision of Children
Parents are not required to stay for many of our events, but Amped Up Family Amphitheatre, LLC is NOT responsible for the supervision of children. We ask that you treat the supervision of your children just as you would for a traditional movie or any other activity. We want to encourage family participation and guarantee that adults will think our offerings are as cool as kids do!

Information Collection and Minors (Children Under 13)
Visitors may join our Amped Army or use the contact link to connect with us. Both locations clearly display our policy regarding children under the age of 13. Specifically it states,
You must be 13 years or older or have a parent's permission to submit this form. Amped Up Family Amphitheatre does not collect personal information from children under the age of 13." For more information you may visit the FTC's COPPA website.


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